The inPOWER 2023 Conference was a profound reflection of the enduring strength of community and the pivotal role of in-person events. In an era dominated by digital interactions, the conference underscored the unparalleled value of direct, face-to-face engagements.

As our global landscape becomes progressively digital, the nuances of personal interactions often fade into the background. However, the inPOWER 2023 Conference served as a timely reminder of the depth and richness that in-person exchanges bring. Beyond the structured sessions and keynote addresses, it was the spontaneous discussions, collaborative brainstorming, and shared aspirations that truly stood out.

While technological advancements have undeniably streamlined our communication processes, allowing us to connect instantaneously across vast distances, there remains an intrinsic value in physical gatherings. The direct exchange of ideas, the immediacy of feedback, and the mutual respect fostered in face-to-face dialogues are irreplaceable. The inPOWER 2023 Conference elegantly encapsulated this sentiment, emphasizing the importance of genuine human connection in our increasingly digital world. Let us delve deeper into the insights and takeaways from this event!

Session Takeaways

The inPOWER 2023 conference was a whirlwind of insights, innovations, and invaluable discussions centered around the ever-evolving world of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Supply Chain Management. As attendees from various industries gathered, the event showcased a plethora of sessions that touched on the challenges, solutions, and future trends in the ERP landscape. Here's a summary of the core themes and takeaways from the event:

1. Modernization and Integration

A recurring theme was the importance of modernizing legacy systems and integrating new technologies. Sessions like "Modernization with System21" and "Extend the value of your workforce with your EDI, MES, and WMS strategy" emphasized the need for businesses to complement their ERP systems with powerful manufacturing software solutions. The goal? Streamline processes, reduce manual effort, and automate tasks to drive growth.

2. The Power of Workflows

The case study on Ming.le's portal workflows highlighted the potential of using workflows to support processes like requisitions. The emphasis was on how businesses can leverage workflows to enhance efficiency and improve user experience.

3. Future-Proofing and Adaptability

With the looming challenge of retiring developers in the RPG development sector, the seminar on "Future-Proofing RPG Applications" underscored the importance of ensuring the continuity and innovation of systems. The session on "Tailor XA to fit your company's needs" also highlighted the adaptability of ERP systems to cater to unique business needs.

4. Harnessing the Power of Data

Several sessions, like "Leveraging IDF to Enhance Financial Reporting" and "Processing JSON with DB2 and RPG," delved into the potential of data. The focus was on utilizing frameworks and tools to extract, process, and leverage data for better decision-making and enhanced reporting.

5. Hands-on Workshops with Infor CPQ

The CPQ Hands-on Workshops were a highlight, offering attendees a deep dive into the Infor CPQ Cloud Suite. From entering quotes to 3D drawing automation and integrating with XA customer orders, these sessions provided a comprehensive understanding of the CPQ landscape.

6. Planning for Disruptions

The session on "Using a single platform for the physical and financial supply chain" touched upon the disruptions faced by supply chains in recent years. The emphasis was on the need for digital transformation to address inefficiencies and visibility gaps in the supply chain.

7. Interactive Discussions and Expert Insights

Sessions like "Grill the Infor Experts" provided attendees with a unique opportunity to interact with industry experts, ask questions, and gain deeper insights into specific topics.

8. The Future of ERP

With sneak peeks into upcoming releases like "LX 8.4.2" and "Release 11," attendees got a glimpse of what the future holds for ERP systems. The focus was on enhanced features, improved user experience, and the potential for further integration with other platforms.

Let’s Hear from the inPOWER Vendors!

We enjoyed speaking with the vendors who played a pivotal role in making the conference a success. Here's a glimpse into what they shared:

Julia from MJR GmbH: Julia found the conference to be a valuable platform for networking and engagement. She remarked, "We got in contact with so many people, had a lot of talks, and we made good sessions. It was a great show for us."

David from TouchPath: David was particularly impressed with the conference's organization and attendance. He shared, "This has been an excellent conference, extremely well attended... The whole thing has been really well planned, and thanks to WorkOutLoud for getting the attendance up."

Carl from Cobwebb Communications: Carl's experience at the conference was marked by productive interactions and potential business opportunities. He said, "We've had a great's been really busy, and we've had loads of interaction."

David and Jack from Cashbook: David highlighted the importance of face-to-face interactions and the opportunities the conference provided. He mentioned, "We've been able to meet customers, prospects, and showcase our new web browser solution... all in all, it's been brilliant."

Let’s Hear from one of the inPOWER Attendees!

Tracy from Kubota: Tracy found the conference to be a valuable learning experience. She shared, "It was very educational for us... connecting to the community groups, connecting to other companies that also use our operating system has been very helpful." She also expressed enthusiasm about joining the LX user group to foster collaboration and exchange ideas.

Looking Forward

In our fast-paced digital world, we sometimes forget the simple joys of in-person interactions. But events like inPOWER 2023 remind us of just how special and invaluable they are. So, here's to more gatherings, more shared knowledge, and more of those spontaneous hallway conversations that lead to the next big idea.

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