inPOWER 2022
When: Monday, September 19th, 2022 → Thursday, September 22nd, 2022
inPOWER 2022


Having attended multiple inPOWER events over the years, I find inPOWER to be a great opportunity to further build relationships with key Infor team members and to provide input into the future direction of the software that is key to our business.”

“If one is serious about learning how to maximize their company’s investment in Infor LX and/or to extend the life of their ERP, then inPOWER is a great opportunity to not only learn from Infor team members but also other customers.  It is great to hear how others have started to leverage the many new features and functionality to not only move beyond the green screen but also to eliminate base code modifications.”

“Being responsible for the direction of ERP, it is essential to attend inPOWER to understand Infor’s direction with Infor LX and learn how to extend our investment in the software.”

“With the release of IDF R10, we are looking forward to learning more about how we can move beyond green screen and provide a more productive and modern environment for our workforce.” 

“inPOWER provides a great opportunity to network and build relationships with peers running Infor LX which enables my team to establish a list of peers to discuss challenges and opportunities.” 

“I have been going to these conferences for longer than I’d like to admit! I always find something of value whether it is information about upcoming features/functions, a third party software solution or development tool that solves a problem I may not know I had, or even discovering functionality I didn’t know existed in a module we’ve been using for years!  All with the opportunity to network with thought leaders in the XA world and make contacts with key Infor resources.  These conferences are ALWAYS worth the time!”

“I am not a technical person.  I am in finance, not IT.  But I attend the Enterprise Integrator User Group and inPower to see the possibilities.  Knowing the capabilities of the software, and seeing what others have created, allows me to make connections to better ways we can use our systems, and lets me know what I can ask for from my IT group.  The focus of inPower has always been sharing information that attendees can take back with them to use now.  Those ‘nuggets’ we bring back that help solve a business problem, whether they came from attending a session, or networking with other users of the software, pay for the cost of attending and dividends thereafter.”

Here are the Top 10 reasons to attend that we have used in the past:

  • Breakout session presentations conducted by users, for users
  • Training, best practices, and tips focused on delivering immediate results in your business
  • Face-to-face time with Infor experts and leaders
  • The largest solution expo you will find designed specifically for your ERP
  • Opportunities to network with other users just like yourself
  • First-hand look at changes and enhancements on the Infor roadmap
  • 100% IBMi Product Group focused – XA, LX and System21
  • Face-to-face time with channel partners
  • Covers the big challenges we are all facing: digital disruption, preparing for change, finding new talent and engaging our workforces
  • Harley-Davidson Museum Experience
  • BONUS REASON: practical advice for moving away from green screens!
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Product Introduction

When & Where

Monday, September 19th, 2022 → Thursday, September 22nd, 2022
The Ingleside Hotel
2810 Golf Road Pewaukee


Tue, October, 11th 2022

Hello everyone,

Here are the photos from inPOWER 2022.
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Tue, October, 4th 2022

We were told that the presentation slides would be provided. Has anyone figured out where they put them?
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I believe they are waiting for a few more submissions. The presentations will be available on the site and will be communicated via email shortly.
That is correct, we are waiting for the rest of the presentations and there will be an email sent out early next week to show where to find the presentations.
Any updates on the presentation slides?
Thu, September, 29th 2022

Thanks to all of our attendees. You helped to make this a fantastic event. The user groups have already started planning for next year. We're working through some details, but we hope to publish planned dates by the end of September.
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Thank you Tony and your team for organizing! We look forward to seeing everyone again next year.


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