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  • 2022 and 2023 inPOWER Presentations
    2022 and 2023 inPOWER conference presentations for members to view and share.
  • Cashbook
    Cashbook helps organizations in multiple industries to achieve spectacular levels of automation in their Cash Application, Accounts Payable, and Bank Reconciliation processes. Cashbook has been a global business partner with Infor since 2010, and we are the go-to cash automation partner for XA, LX, and System 21 users. The benefit of us being so familiar with these Infor ERP systems means a quick and seamless integration between Cashbook and your ERP. We have also recently developed new modules and capabilities for Collections and Deductions Management. See how the world’s most intelligent ERP and Bank integration platform, with exceptional matching capabilities, massively reduces manual workload. Cashbook is a trusted solution that is proven to increase cash flow, eliminate manual processes, reduce DSO, and improve cash visibility. Get your banks and ERPs talking - trusted, tailored software from cashflow specialists. Visit our website today to discover more: www.cashbook.com
  • System21,LX,XA
    Cobwebb Communications
    Cobwebb Communications has been providing Infor IBM i customers across the globe with business critical document and back office process automation solutions since 1986. Our service offerings and our client base has grown over the years, but our core focus remains the same; to deliver document automation solutions that save time and money for manufacturing businesses running Infor IBM i ERP.
  • Enterprise Integrator/IDF
    About the Enterprise Integrator User Group Enterprise Integrator User Group, EIUG is an educational group comprising of professionals working with the Infor Enterprise Integrator product. The group was organized in 2007 and is primarily web based, provides development knowledge sharing with leading Infor IBMi System experts, and networking at periodic conferences. The group represents users, but not limited to the US with over 230 community members.
  • Infor
    Infor is a global leader in business cloud software products for companies in industry specific markets. Infor builds complete industry suites in the cloud and efficiently deploys technology that puts the user experience first, leverages data science, and integrates easily into existing systems. Over 65,000 organizations worldwide rely on Infor to help overcome market disruptions and achieve business-wide digital transformation.
  • Infor Compass
    Who is Infor Compass The Compass business unit was created to focus the capabilities and knowledge of our employees to support the long-term value creation for our customers. With over 3,000 employees ranging from product development & innovation to customer experience & services, we are committed to supporting your investment with Infor and fortifying a partnership that innovates at your pace. - 3,000+ Employees around the world - 26,000+ Global customers -150+ Products supported Deep product and unique market expertise - Bringing together product experts to prioritize and maximize the product’s future Applied economic thinking - A partnership with virtuous cycles of mutual benefit Operational excellence - Efficient development to get the most out of the product’s future The Compass mission 1. Provide a prescriptive path for our customers to extend the benefit of their investment with Infor. 2. Maximize the value of our customer’s investments to support long-term relationships. 3. Position the capabilities and knowledge of our employees to support long-term value creation with our customers.
  • Infor LX User Group
    The Infor LX User Group (LXUG) is an independent user group recognized by Infor as the official voice of the LX software user community. The LXUG is dedicated to maximizing the benefits of the use of all LX products, tools, and services for the user community. Mission and Purpose: o Partner with Infor in developing a vision for the LX Software o Provide a forum for effective communication of information between clients, user groups, affiliates, and Infor o Provide networking opportunities and the exchange of ideas and strategies among LX User Groups, clients, and Infor o Enhance user understanding of LX products, services, related technologies, third-party business partners, and future direction o Provide a communication channel to disseminate new and other information to LX user community o Give LX users a collective voice to articulate issues o Provide Infor, via this group, with input and feedback relative to the LX suite of offerings o Provide representation to Infor Global User Group Advisory Board o Actively participate with INFOR to identify initiatives and bring about changes resulting in measurable process and product improvements
  • Infor System21 User Group
    There are over 300 companies who are on support with Infor for System21 and probably several hundred other companies who are using System21 but have gone off support. With the recent formation of the Infor Compass division within Infor that will ensure that this product continues to mature and be supported for the long term, there is an opportunity to rebuild the System21 user community. While some companies may be choosing to make an investment in a new ERP system, many Infor customers see an opportunity to extend the value of their System21 investment. Whatever your status regarding your use of System21, we would welcome your participation in building this user community. How we shape this community will be largely up to those who participate in it. We hope you can participate and help us build our System21 community.
  • Information Systems Engineering, Inc.
    Our focus at Information Systems Engineering, Inc. (ISE) has been to deliver mission-critical solutions to improve a firm’s business results. Our roots within manufacturing run deep, we have been developing and implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) for over 35 years. Our commitment to offering the best solutions to the manufacturing and warehousing sectors has led us to develop industry-leading and innovative products that allow our customers to capture the highest production efficiency, quality, and throughput. ISE brings unparalleled business and technical expertise to our customers, delivering the most value from your investment. From tactical to strategic, you can rely on our professionals to turn your vision into reality. We are an Infor Gold Channel Partner, an IBM Business partner, and proud to host the inPOWER 2022 event. Our Infor focuses include Infor XA, ION, Infor Development Framework, Manufacturing Execution, Infor CPQ, and Infor Quality Management. We are dedicated to listening, learning, and executing
  • inPOWER
    inPOWER is four user groups include: EIUG, System21, XA, LX.
  • Lexel Corporation
    Lexel Corporation, an Infor Solution Partner, develops and implements integrated applications for Infor XA and IBM System i. Hundreds of satisfied customers worldwide benefit from Lexel’s leading-edge products and superior customer service. Our XA applications include COM_Net2 CX, the eBusiness solution for XA, Project Manufacturing (Contract Accounting) for make-to-order manufacturers, and XA_Card_Connect-AN, the integrated credit card solution for XA.
  • MJR GmbH
    We have the right digital solution to put your manufacturing operation in pole position! As an experienced IT house and specialized partner of Infor, we support companies in digitization with leading ERP-Systems. IT is our native language, but don't worry, you will still understand us well. Our portfolio includes a variety of technologies for integration, output management, process automation, or outright complete digitization of companies. We focus on the medium-sized manufacturing industry and service companies. We do not rely on just one technology but use a variety of software solutions.
  • TouchPath
    When it comes to truly effective warehouse management and asset tracking systems – “one size does not fit all.” TouchPath will provide you with a system that fits YOUR business. Whatever you want to achieve, whatever rules manage your warehouse, we will deliver a system that not only meets your needs now and in the future, but exceeds your expectations. You can rest assured that we will provide you with a solution that supports your operations and truly speaks your language. In fact, all our solutions are multi-lingual enabling a standard corporate solution to be rolled out globally with no program changes.
  • WorkOutLoud
    WorkOutLoud is an all-in-one B2B Community Platform. This foundation is supporting your high-value customer engagement strategy. The strategy that connects your customers to the right people at the right time while building a community of connected customers that embrace your products and produce opportunities. With WorkOutLoud your customers stay up to date, have a place to learn, connect, and be inspired. It is equally important that you deliver this value in a timely and cost-effective manner that drives opportunity. Come for the Event, Stay for the Community
  • XA User Group
    The Infor XA User Group is an independent, incorporated association of Infor XA software using member companies. The group offers a variety of learning opportunities for their member companies, including monthly webcasts on a variety of topics that range across all job responsibilities and user levels, and annual conferences. Through the Infor Communities website the group provides a Discussion Board to its members that allows for user interaction and cooperative sharing of information and experience, a files section that provides helpful documents, and a community calendar that includes other training & learning opportunities throughout the Infor XA community.