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  • Infor XA SystemLink with Node-RED
    This is not a tutorial for Node-RED. You should be familiar with Node-RED. We describe a very simple business case, an inquiry from item revision, but...
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  • French MJR website version launched
    A french version of our website was planned for a long time. Now finally the implementation could start. With the support of our French colleagues, th...
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  • We are Infor Gold Partner
    At the beginning of the year 2023, we got good news from Infor: We have achieved Infor Gold Partner status. The annual calculation of our partner poin...
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  • Read Uploadia Whitepaper
    Uploadia by MJR – Excel to XA via SystemLink Uploadia is our solution for efficient data management in Infor XA. Uploadia isa web application which...
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