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Unleashing the Power of Infor CPQ: Sales (Internal)

How does Infor CPQ empower your internal sales team? Sales are the lifeblood of any business, driving revenue and growth. Each year, your sales team is tasked with increasing sales and achieving higher margins. What tools are they using to meet these...

Monday, June 17th, 2024


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BREAKING NEWS: NEW Infor CPQ Group dedicated to the InforIBMiUsers community!

Get ready for an exciting journey ahead with the NEW Infor CPQ Group dedicated to the IBMi community! Discover the value of Infor CPQ straight from the mouths of our customers, listed below. Let's connect and explore how Infor CPQ can drive positive change for you. Your success story awaits.

- Engaging Research
- Margin/Cost Analysis
- Seamless Orders
- Touchless  Read more...Orders (2)
- Complete Integration
- Automate Order
- Eliminate Excel (2)
- Dealer Quoting
- Complex Configuration
- XA Integration
- Enable Sales
- Ease of Proposal
- Customer Value
- Data Consolidation
- Quick to Market
- Automate Quoting
- Sophisticated Requirements
- Anonymous Users

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For any questions please contact: Deb Lopez, deb.lopez@infor.com 

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