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Lexel Corporation, an Infor Solution Partner, develops and implements integrated applications for Infor XA and IBM System i. Hundreds of satisfied customers worldwide benefit from Lexel’s leading-edge products and superior customer service. Our XA applications include COM_Net2 CX, the eBusiness so Read more...lution for XA, Project Manufacturing (Contract Accounting) for make-to-order manufacturers, and XA_Card_Connect-AN, the integrated credit card solution for XA.

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Tue, June, 25th 2024

[Watch Video] Why you need a Customer Portal!

When most people think about eCommerce, they think about online ordering. A customer portal integrated with XA has significant value in reducing costs and adding value without taking orders.

Join us for a short webinar to learn how a customer portal will benefit your business.

Presenter: Mark Shubel, VP, Lexel Corporation

 Read more... https://youtu.be/4imcc26hK9I?si=BpENsfHZ1zlUMpG1 Show less...
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Tue, September, 12th 2023

Lexel is having a great week at inPOWER 2023 in Pewaukee, Wisconsin as a Gold Partner and a WorkOutLoud Community Partner.
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Wed, November, 30th 2022

Infor XA eCommerce Suite, What is it?

Infor XA COM_Net2 CX is a complete sell-side portal for XA. For eCommerce, it provides on-line order entry, quoting, order status/tracking, and electronic catalogs for B2B and B2C. Extending past eCommerce, it is also a secure document portal and allows reprinting of invoices and online bill-pay. With implementation measured in days …not months, and fully integrated to XA, COM_Net2 leverages existing COM data and business logic. Now, fully  Read more...integrated with the Infor CPQ and System-Link, customers or salesreps can place orders and quotes for complex configured items.


The Customer Experience Suite for Infor XA
General Information Manual
For more information, contact Lexel Corporation, www.lexel.com, (631) 501-0700 Show less...
Infor XA COM_Net2 CX_GIM_6.pdf
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