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Tue, November, 1st 2022


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XA Product Management

A direct communication with XA Product Management
Product Management
Product Direction
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This is a forum to discuss XA product direction. Infor has an Enhancement Request System which is the primary vehicle to suggest roadmap items to Infor. But on this forum you can lobby other customers to endorse enhancement items and make your case to Product Management.

Please keep comments positive - this is not a forum for discussing current issues with the application or sharing knowledge on possible solutions. We can set up alternate forums for that purpose.
To start the conversation, I have been remiss in providing feedback on enhancements that we have delivered based on input from the Enhancement Request System. I will be posting that here, along with any recent product deliveries that you may not know about. Keep in mind that right now all our focus is on ensuring all functions of Release 10 are working correctly and rolling out Release 11 next year.
Here are recent deliveries you may not know about:

Streamlined Invoice processing in Enterprise Financials (Release

Enterprise Integrator in Net-Link (there is no further need for Power-Link, all Power-Link functions can now be done in Net-Link)

Upgraded Infor OS Multi-tenant integration/Infor IMS (eliminates the need for a separate Enterprise Connector server when connecting XA to Infor OS cloud multi-tenant instances)

Configure/ Read more...Price/Quote and Enterprise Quoting Multi-tenant integration via Infor OS (this is the go-forward deployment model for Infor CPQ)

Release 10 New Install/Migrate tool – for older release upgrades/9.1 and earlier (this enables fairly efficient upgrades for XA customers on older releases)

Attachment Viewer (Upgraded attachment capability in Net-Link and Power-Link)

Host Print Attachments (Print attached documents via Host Print)

Thru-Put and VPi – Infor standard UI (Modernized look and feel for Thru-Put and VPi)

Thru-Put and VPi – ION integration (Continuous synchronization of data eliminates most download time, permitting rapid on the fly planning sessions to be launched with minimal lead time) Show less...