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Mon, February, 20th 2023


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What does everyone use to send reports (usually columns and rows) to users and customers?

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Currently using CPYTOIMPF to create the CSV file, using SNDSMTPEMM. Problem is we (IT) must be the ones adding and editing recipients. We'd like to see what options there are to give the users a chance to manage the recipients of their own reports without the need for CL or RPG programming.
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Hi Matt.

Cobwebb can help you with this. Our CPPD software can monitor an output queue for a spool file (report?) and distribute it based on the logic defined during setup. This could be output to a CSV and send to a network folder. Email to a recipient or recipients. Save to an existing document archive, or to Cobwebb's Docstore etc. The distribution logic is managed via CPPD which is installed on the i Series. No programming knowledge is required. I hope this helps. Let me know  Read more...if you would like to discuss.

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I will bring this to my team and see what they decide. Thank you!
We utilise Route One Product from Uti400 - simple utility for creating Excel Spreadsheets from Database Queries (external to Route One or built within Application) - can also be used to send Spool Files to users as PDF where required