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Thu, April, 11th 2024


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Integrated Outside Operations

How many users are using the XA integrated outside operations function and what have you had to do to overcome some of its shortcomings?
Integrated Outside Operations
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Hello, Jason. I hope that all is well with you today.
My understanding always was that the green-screen Integrated Outside Operations functionality that was added to PC&C back in 2003/2004 was only 'Phase 1' and that a 'Phase 2' and possibly other phases would be added later.
Most likely, we will see 'Phase 2' when the Integrated Outside Operations database tables are placed into IDF Level 2 as official Infor XA Business Objects.

In the meantime, we developed our  Read more...own custom Business Objects for the Outside Operations database tables using Enterprise Integrator. This works a LOT better since all of the pain points regarding entering Outside Operation Detail records are removed, especially when running EPDM. The IDF Level 2 features like Create Templates, Auto Advance, and Custom Transactions makes the whole process of creating new Outside Operations Detail records much quicker and less painful. We have duplicated some, but not all, of the functionality available in the M.O./P.O. Cross-Reference table.

Are these the type of limitations you have in mind? Or are you thinking more about limitations regarding the way the Outside Operations functionality integrates with other XA applications such as Purchasing, MRP, Accounts Payable, IFM, etc.? Show less...
Hi Charles. Thanks for the response. We have also brought the IOO files into the Infor client, greatly simplifying setup. It is more the processing flow and the need to remember to run things in a certain way. Our outside operations can be anywhere in the routing - sometime the only operation, sometimes the first operation, sometimes the last operation, sometime in the middle... The receiving of the PO will update the qty complete on the MO operation but will not create any inventory  Read more...transactions so the receiving clerk may need to create an RM and possibly IPs for the components... OR, may not need to create any at all. We run MES on the shopfloor with the inventory transactions done in the background, so the shopfloor personnel is not used to creating inventory transactions and how they work. The other problem we run into is our production planner closing outside labor MOs before the PO has been invoiced, causing the AP clerk to get someone to re-open the order. There just seems to be a bit more juggling of these orders than we were hoping for... Show less...
Improvements to Outside Operations are in scope for the 11.0 and 11.1 releases.