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Wed, April, 3rd 2024


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Possible enhancement to those F4 prompt windows?

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A potential improvement for LX is to refine the data presented in some window programs (F4 prompts) to only include permissible values. Take WINIWMD as an example: it lists all warehouses, yet selecting an unauthorized warehouse triggers an error message that denies the selection. Why show warehouses you can't select?

There are multiple strategies we could employ to upgrade this. The first is to exclude unauthorized options from the list entirely. Alternatively, we could display  Read more...all options while securing those that require authorization. Lastly, we could implement a configuration setting that allows Environment Admins to decide between these two approaches.
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Great ideas Mark! I look forward to feedback from our customers on this topic.
Thanks for using the forums @marklarson
Yes I agree this would be great.
I agree. This would improve the user experience.
Thanks for looking at this. I personally think that hiding unauthorized data from the user would be the best option. That behavior is consistent with the UX on most other software packages.
Thanks for posting this and letting us all consider the options.

As much as I like to have the flexibility and option to select which method our business prefers, I don't see a reason why we would show the warehouses the user is not authorized to. So, keeping it simple, I think that the list should just show those warehouses the user is authorized to.
Michael, thanks for the feedback. Also, consider expanding this philosophy to numerous other prompt windows. Companies, Facilities, etc. could all work like this.