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In Infor LX 8.3.5 or in the new versions Infor LX 8.4.1 or Infor LX 8.4.2, does the ERP have any options for managing or controlling advance payments to suppliers?

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If this is not yet possible, could you consider adding this option in LX?, because several LATAM customers have asked about it
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Jose, we support making prepayment to vendors through the manual payment process as an unallocated payment which can then be allocated to an invoice at a later date once an invoice is in hand. Here is the process:

The procedure for recording an unallocated payment is the same as for recording and allocating a manual payment in ACP700 except for the allocation and invoice allocation screens.

The model you are using for CEA must have a model line for the unallocated  Read more...liability amount.
The amount macros to be used are VP01UNDR for the debit and VP01UNCR for the credit amounts in the journal. The line type should be 3 = Invoice.

In ACP700D2-01, enter action code 1 to create, enter the payment reference and sub-reference.
In ACP700D4-01, enter the payment amount and hit enter. The amount in allocate to invoices will be populated. Use F6 to accept.
In ACP700D5-01, enter the amount in the allocate to pay field, field exit and F6 to accept.

When creating an unallocated payment, no amounts are allocated to a specific invoice. A message that the amount entered is not equal to the invoice or discount amount –F14 to override.

In ACP700D2-01, F5 to refresh the screen. You see that payment reference was created, but the allocated amount is 0.00. F6 to end the batch, then F3 to exit.

Once an invoice has been processed for this vendor, we can allocate the prepayment to an invoice using the same program, ACP700.

Enter the company, bank code and payment currency. The total payment amount will be 0.00, as we have already recorded the amount of the payment when we created the unallocated check. Revise the date parameters as required, you will most likely want to use the same payment date as the original payment, the due date and discount date should be set in accordance with the dates on the invoice to ensure the invoice is included in the selection screen (ACP700D5).

Use action 2 to revise the payment. And hit enter. The payment reference data is retrieved. Enter the same G/L reason code, you used in creating the unallocated payment.

In ACP700D4, the amount to allocate will default as the total amount of the payment. You can override the amount to allocate if you will only be doing a partial allocation.
F6 to accept.

Enter the amount in allocate to pay and enter the invoice number. Hit enter. F6 to accept.
In ACP700D2-01 F5 to refresh, the amount will display as allocated, F6 to end the batch. Show less...
Thanks for your response and support