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Tue, June, 11th 2024


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Powerlink and Grant Access

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How to setup a user in powerlink and grant access to modules, menu's etc
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Hi Robert, setting up a user for PowerLink is handled the same way we set up a user for the Green Screen. Have you installed powerlink on the users PC, or a remote desktop for access?
Thanks for responding Shawna, so there is no way to setup a user in Powerlink, and grant access. That can only be accomplished through the green screen XA setup?
Hi Robert, sorry I missed this. The email blocker sometimes blocks my WOL emails. There are ways to set up users in IDF, but you would need a third party software. I am aware of Enhanced Security from Cistech and SM+ from Design Group. At last year's InPower Conference we did a workshop that allowed you to expose security to IDF. I did not attend that one, but I can put you in contact with the presenter if you would like.
Hi Robert, did you try if deployment profiles would work for you? Please see the link below for a video. Regards Michael