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Information Systems Engineering, Inc.
Many sessions at the recent inPower 2023 Conference covered topics related to Infor OS, but what exactly is Infor OS? What are the components of Infor OS, an......
Wed, Feb 7th, 2024
Watch journey 1 of the CPQ summer journey, Quotation Automation

If your company is not able to:
- create quotes from engaging website content, OR
- offer cross-sell/upsell products to your customers, OR
- produce professional, accurate, timely quotations,
THEN you may be losing revenue opportunities!

This session will show you ways to:
- increase market awareness
- generate new leads and opportunities
- get in front of your customers before your competition does
- create engaging, interactive, personalized quotations
- reduce time, effort, and errors by eliminating duplicate systems and streamlining processes...
Wed, Jul 19th, 2023
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Tue, Jun 13th, 2023
Our Senior Programmer/Analyst Charles Hood will be taking you through a brief explanation of Integrating XA Data and Cloud EQ/EC Data...
Thu, Jun 1st, 2023