Uploadia is a useful and helpful solution for Infor XA users. Uploadia facilitates data exchange with Infor XA in various application areas and use cases.

We have therefore packed the most common application examples into a total of four short demo videos. The following videos (in English) show the use cases:

If you need more information about Uploadia, you can visitour Uploadia Landingpage or Read Uploadia User Manual.

The Uploadia Solution

Uploadia is an innovative solution developed to optimize data exchange between Excel and XA via SystemLink. This platform revolutionizes the efficiency of business processes, especially when it comes to transferring data between the two platforms Excel and XA. With Uploadia, users can seamlessly upload Excel files to the XA system and vice versa. The interface is user-friendly and enables for even not that much experienced users to transfer data quickly and reliably.

A key feature of Uploadia is the integration of SystemLink, which ensures smooth communication between Excel and XA. Data quality is more accurate because Uploadia minimizes potential sources of error that could occur with manual transfers. The solution also offers comprehensive data validation and verification capabilities to ensure that the transferred information meets the specific requirements of both platforms.

The application is aimed at companies that already use Infor XA or want to optimize their business processes and data exchange between Excel and XA. Uploadia offers a time and cost saving solution for companies that need seamless integration of their data. With a user-friendly interface and robust SystemLink integration, Uploadia positions itself as the leading solution for smooth data flow between Excel and XA in the enterprise environment.

Video 1: Transfer Warehouse Transactions with Uploadia:

Video 2: Bill of Material & BoM components with Uploadia: 

Video 3:  Customer Orders with Uploadia:

Video 4:  Contracts & Quotes with Uploadia: