In this short demo video we will show you the advantages of Uploadias new Command Line interface, shortly CLI. (CLI is the english short version for command line interface.) We will quickly go through the process together.

First of all the datas for the Mapping (e.g. the prices in Excel) have to be on system where Uploadia is installed. The most commonly the IBM i system, so the files need to be placed in the IFS.Connect with your IBM i system. Start the qsh- Commandline terminal. Insert the command to execute the lines in your Excel-file. The command includes the mapping and Excel-file, place for the result csv-file and the XA-login. Press “Enter” to operate the command.

The process is running now. As you can see we get now 2 lines with errors. To see what is the problem we can quickly open the result.csv also in our Uploadia CLI folder. There you can see which lines have errors and see the details if you make the lines to a bigger size. In our case we have transferred now 8 from 10 lines, because 2 lines still have errors on the unit column. At best you remove all errors from your Excel list before you execute the commandline again. In our example we have to change the unit in 2 lines.

After that you can execute again and should get the “successfully” message now for another 2 lines. Because 8 were already changed before by executing the first time, so an error appeasrs. Now we can quickly check the results in Infor XA. Log into the Infor XA System. Jump to the Item Base Price Revision in Engineering functions. There we can filter the data by date. We can see now that all 10 lines with changes were transferred to the system. Thanks for watching and stay tuned for the next video.

The Uploadia CLI (Command Line Interface) is integrated in our Uploadia solution from version 1.5. A separate license is needed. More details you find under: