Uploadia by MJR – Excel to XA via SystemLink

Uploadia is our solution for efficient data management in Infor XA. Uploadia is a web application which is installed on IBM i, developed to transfer data from Excel to Infor XA securely & easily. In doing so, we can speed up your processes and make your employees more efficient. This means that masses of data can be transferred quickly using drag & drop. Data validation detects errors in the data.

What are the benefits of Uploadia?

Uploadia offers several advantages while working with Infor XA:

Interface: The System Link API securely and easily connects Excel and the ERP system Infor XA.

Security: The data exchange via Uploadia is encrypted and XA security ap-plies. Unauthorized access is not possible.

.• Efficiency: Work effectively by quickly connecting Excel & XA.

Low training time: The Uploadia web application has a user-friendly and intuitive user interfaces.

Availability: Due to the low installation effort Uploadia is available on your system within a few hours.

Regular updates: Regular updates keep your Uploadia always up to date andyou get new, useful features.

Read our Uploadia whitepaper attached to this post https://ibmi.workoutloud.com/Message/1050641 and see its multiple features. Uploadia is the perfect solution to transfer data from Excel to Infor XA.More about Uploadia you can find also under https://uploadia.mjr.gmbh