Hello! I'm Deb Lopez, CPQ product specialist at Infor. I may have met many of you at inPower or VisualFocus and offered you a button or you may have nudged your head through my banner, let me take your picture and told me the Value of CPQ for your business.

Here are just a few of the 100+ statements I have received:

  • Complete Integration
  • Engaging Research
  • Touchless Orders (2)
  • Automate Order
  • Eliminate Excel (2)
  • XA Integration
  • Enable Sales
  • Ease of Proposal

As demand for Infor CPQ surges , I am your go-to source.

I'm reaching out to propose a collaborative venture. I'll be launching an interactive blog series aimed at fostering community engagement and discussion on business concepts. My objective is to create a platform where we can all support one another. If you prefer a private discussion, feel free to reach out to me directly. The more participation the better, so please share your thoughts, ask questions, or contribute additional insights.

Each blog in this series concludes with a question, inviting your response. When you see "ShoutOutLoud" at the end, it's your cue to engage with a comment or question. Reading blogs is one thing, but actively participating in the discussion is what sets this series apart. So, will you seize the opportunity to make your voice heard?

At times I may include a link to more content such as a video. I invite you to use this as an educational/informational platform. Feel free to ask me for stuff! I will do my best to deliver.

The blog series topic will be Infor CPQ at a high level, but we may go into areas that have nothing to do with Infor CPQ. How you respond will drive the direction. I know you will take part and enjoy this new channel to engage with me and others – perhaps make some new friends. Look for the first post to come soon and "ShoutOutLoud"!


"ShoutOutLoud" Post an area of interest that you want to be sure is part of one of the blogs? (maybe some of the value of CPQ statements I posted above that came directly from other customers will trigger a request from you?)