Kicking off the Blog Series with- Infor CPQ unleashing power for Manufacturing.


Manufacturing is the core of the business; everyone depends on them to deliver quality products to customers. Configure-Price-Quote has been serving these users for decades. But when orders are received and are not complete or has an error that causes issues with the manufacturing process that has several impacts that will cause a ripple effect. Delaying production time, wasting materials, delaying deliver time to customer, increasing costs, and more.  

Where is the problem?

  1. Was there a communication breakdown between sales and the customer?
  2. Was product/engineering data challenging to access or understand, leading to incorrect sales selections?
  3. Was it an error in the Excel spreadsheet that did not catch the original configuration?
  4. Other?

It could be any or all these things.  One enterprise solution would prevent this kind of manufacturing disruption from happening. With Infor CPQ you can be confident that any order passed to Manufacturing will be complete and correct. All the BOM & Routings can be sent with the order directly to manufacturing. This streamlines the Manufacturing process to ensure delivery time is met with the right product.

Don’t be shy, everyone has business problems that they have been dealing with for years or decades. Issues can be with integration, orders, pricing, etc. With Infor CPQ available as a supported integrated solution with XA, now is the time to find out if your challenges can be untangled 😊.

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I know from talking to many customers that the list of challenges can sometimes seem endless and time consuming. What challenge do you wish would simply go away? Ask a question or submit the one difficulty that you wish would just go away.